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  • The team of experts associated with HKNS have been instrumental in designing the concept of National Leprosy Control Program (NLCP) & National Leprosy Eradication Program (NLEP)

  • Prior to NLCP, the Govt of India had formulated the National Leprosy Control Scheme

  • Under the scheme, emphasis was laid on increasing the number of leprosy treatment centres

  • In 1954, Govt of India appointed a committee to consider the steps to be taken to CONTROL leprosy, thus paving the way for the National Leprosy Control Program

  • At the start, Govt of India allocated Rs.30 lacks for NLCP

  • HKNS has one of the richest resource/library on leprosy

  • The HKNS works for Leprosy eradication along with the NLEP of Govt of India

  • The main areas of work are:

    • Health education, school health

    • Community awareness program

    • Rehabilitation of leprosy patients

    • Involve the community to reduce stigma

    • Promoting self-reporting of cases

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