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Activities since 1949

  • Conducting training courses of nine months duration for physiotherapy technicians of at two leprosy training centres (Naini, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh and Purulia, West Bengal).

  • Organising the All India Leprosy Workers Conference and Regional Leprosy Workers Conferences in collaboration with the state branches and other voluntary organisations

  • Providing assistance to voluntary organizations and leprosy patients.

  • Maintaining a house called “Shanthi Illam” at Vellore (Tamil Nadu) where leprosy patients who come for surgical treatment at the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore are provided free boarding and lodging facilities.

  • Running of two mobile leprosy treatment units in two districts of Delhi (north-east and west) with funds provided by the Government of India.

  • Organizing exhibitions on leprosy in Delhi.

  • Urban leprosy project to improve early case detection, prevention of disabilities and stigma reduction

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