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HKNS Activities

HKNS has been doing following activities:

  • Opening of skin clinics, roadside clinics & hospitals for leprosy

  • Maintaining Leprosaria

  • Looking after the inhabitants of leprosy colonies

  • Various research activities ranging from Sulphone treatment, histopathology of leprosy lesions, lepromin test etc

  • All India Leprosy workers conference

  • Production and distribution of health education and publicity material on leprosy.

  • Publication of quarterly Indian Journal of Leprosy and bi-monthly news bulletin Kusht Vinashak for leprosy workers and the general public.  

  • Production and distribution of leprosy seals to create awareness about leprosy and help other organizations to raise funds for their work through the sale of these seals.

  • Observance of Anti-Leprosy Day on the 30th January every year to create mass awareness about leprosy.

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